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Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, Day9…

Sean "Day9" Plott, master of the YouTube microphone.

These are the success stories of our generation.  Those lucky souls that managed to make a living doing what they love, and a good one at that.  They didn’t do it alone though…

They had a bit of help along the way.

For popular YouTube talents such as PewDiePie and Jenna Marbles, using a top microphone that presents them with the highest quality distinguishes them from the competition. Employing state-of-the-art microphone equipment and the best YouTube microphone enables you to harness the full potential and richness of your voice and performance. Whether you are a professional or emerging singer, podcast host or musician, having a top flight microphone to produce your work can make all the difference between success and failure.

Jenna Marbles, PewDiePie, Day9… These are the success stories of our generation. For less than $250, you can invest in the best microphone for YouTube that will take your YouTube and/or Vlog content to the next level. These are considered the top five microphones for YouTube and VLog users on the market today.


The Blue Yeti microphone functions as a multi-pattern USB condenser application. Centering on the system’s premium condenser capsules arranged as a proprietary triple array, the microphone features a range of recording patterns, including omni, stereo, bi-directional as well as cardioid. In addition, other features of the system are: adjustable microphone gain control, mute function and a zero-latency output headphone feature with volume control settings for direct management.

Users can adjust the Yeti’s angle on its customized desk stand. The application comes with a driverless installation and seamlessly integrates with PC and Mac systems. This YouTube microphone functions best for performers seeking direct monitoring, gain control, bi-directional modes and stereo output.  For a more in depth review of the Blue Yeti microphone, click here.

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Yeti Pro


If you’re seeking a more professional feel and sound for your podcast or performance art, consider the Blue Yeti Pro. This is the first XLR and USB microphone that integrates analogy XLR output with 24 bit/192 kHz digital recording resolution, which is the highest resolution available on the market. The microphone’s capacity enables users to harness the power of audio sound four times better than CD-audio quality. You can seamlessly take your multimedia recordings to a formal studio or run them through your home mixing board setup. The analog output of the Yeti Pro lets users move from USB to XLR applications easily.

The Yeti Pro for analog functions also features an XLR stereo breakout cable. Furthermore, like the traditional Yeti microphone, the Yeti Pro includes Blue’s premium condenser capsules positioned in a proprietary triple capsule layout. This provides you with four diverse recording patterns such as stereo, cardioid, bi-directional and omni that you can use easily going from your desktop to the studio.

The microphone also The microphone’s capacity enables users to harness the power of audio sound four times better than CD-audio quality. comes with a zero-latency headphone output function that features volume control for direct management, adjustable microphone control as well as a mute button. The Blue Yeti Pro interfaces seamlessly with Mac and PC systems, and is idea for those artists and performers seeking the highest digital resolution and quality on the market today.

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Spark is a studio-quality microphone for recording including a state-of-the-art Focus control that abounds with dual sonic signatures. Developed to harness the medley of recording applications, the Spark features a customized pop filter and shock mount framed in a professional wood case. Spark includes Blue’s premium condenser capsule, which produces high efficiency, low noise as well as rapid response throughout any recording environment.

Equipped with a 3 pin XLR standard connection, the microphone functions optimally in professional or home-studio interfaces and mixing board platforms. The sonic characteristics of the Spark are innovative and powerful featuring an accentuated low end. With the application of Focus control, a more present and impactful sound is achieved for users. With purchase of the Spark microphone, users receive a comprehensive recording guide for developing optimal results for a bevy of vocal sounds and instruments.

The Spark microphone is ideal for recording artists and performers seeking to upgrade their equipment to a professional quality studio YouTube microphone. At the same time, though it is an XLR mic, the Spark is also well-suited for beginners, given its Focus button that enable you to tinker and refine your sound performance.

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Snowball works as a plug-and-play USB YouTube microphone, compatible both with PC and Mac systems. With its dual capsule design, the Snowball model facilitates three recording approaches: cardioid, which is done right in front of the mic that is ideal for singing; omni, which is done all around the mic and is ideal for bands or multiple singers; as well as cardioid w/10db pad that is idea for recording instruments. This flexibility enables you to leverage versatility to produce state-of-the-art recordings in a bevy of environments. Apple iPad users can harness the power of Snowball as well through Apple’s camera connection kit.

The Snowball microphone is ideal for the novice singer or those who don’t require a system featuring the highest quality technology. Many voice over and recording professionals have leveraged the equipment optimally.

Snowball works as a plug-and-play USB YouTube microphone. In fact, global pop superstar Justin Bieber used a Snowball to record “Omaha Mall”, which helped him to be discovered on YouTube.  That’s pretty much proof right there, isn’t it?  Just buy a Snowball and you’ll be the next superstar!

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Extra: The Icicle

An Icicle functions as a USB-XLR converter that enables users to connect XLR mics directly into your desktop or laptop through USB. This system includes a studio-quality microphone preamp, analog gain control, 48V phantom power as well as automated installation. Featuring a state-of the art analog-to-digital conversion, Icicle provides users with high-quality sound. This device has a lightweight design that enables you to move it seamlessly based on your needs for podcasts, music recording, vocals and instruments.

The Icicle interfaces with condenser and dynamic microphones as well as integrates seamlessly with PC or Mac systems. Ultimately, the Icicle serves as the choice for users seeking studio-quality microphone performance for their computer.  Note that this device does not actually record sound, but can be extremely useful for someone looking to buy a very inexpensive and capable pre-amp.

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The Best YouTube Microphone


Ultimately, regardless if you are a beginning solo artist or have an established podcast with millions of views on YouTube, your microphone equipment can make all the difference in enabling you to succeed and move to new levels with your career. Artists and online talent such as Justin Bieber and Jenna Marbles understood and have benefited immensely from investing in the best microphone for YouTube to present their work. Follow their examples and consider buying one of these top microphone systems to take your career to the next level.


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