Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Blue Yeti Microphone Review

Whether you are a musician, podcaster, YouTube personality or anything else, using high quality audio equipment will help you dramatically increase the quality of the content or music that you create. There is nothing worse than a great joke or a perfect lyric that is gets lost on the audience because of low quality equipment. Unfortunately for many aspiring artists, they may not have the money to buy the most expensive equipment. High-end microphones can cost upwards of $1,000 or more. This is simply not a viable option for many. Thankfully, there are many great audio products that fall within the $50 – $200 range, which is much more affordable and will be able to create sound quality that is on par with the $1,000 alternatives. The Blue Yeti Microphone is one such product that we will talk about in our Blue Yeti Microphone Review below.

In this Yeti microphone review, we will go over the features that it offers, and discuss many of the advantages that is provides. In the end, our Blue Yeti review should give you a good idea on whether it is the right choice for you.


Blue Yeti Mic 02The Blue Yeti microphone is a multi-pattern microphone that is one of the most advanced in its class. It has the functionality and versatility to suit a variety of needs perfectly and can provide you with an extremely high sound quality every time.

The Blue Yeti microphone allows you to take the next step up in quality without costing you an arm and a leg. At a price point of under $200, this microphone will fit into a budget-friendly studio setup perfectly. It can record audio that sounds much closer to the higher-end microphones than anything at or below its price point.

It is great to use for singing and speaking applications. It can pick up a wide range of frequencies and maintain the sound quality at high volumes. This microphone will eliminate unwanted noise and static that cheaper microphones would pick up. It can be used on most mic arms and combined with a pop filter to create perfect studio quality sound.


Master Volume Control

The microphone has a master volume control which will allow you to easily adjust the recording volume on the fly. It is very useful when the microphone will be changing hands or positions frequently.

4 Different Sound Settings

The microphone has 4 different sound settings that can be used to adjust it to the type of sound that it is picking up. You can set the microphone to record in stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional or cardioid modes.  The cardioid setting will keep the mic from picking up sound everywhere but the front of the mic, which is perfect for vocals, singular podcasting or Youtube commentating.  The bidirectional mode will pick up sound from the front and the back suiting it well for interviewing.  The stereo setting will keep the left and right channel data intact, allowing for a realistic sound image to be taken.  The omnidirectional mode will pick up sound equally in all directions.

Blue Yeti Mic 04Easy Access Mute Button

The mute button can be used when you need to quickly shut the mic off for a short amount of time. It is a good feature to use if you have a sudden urge to sneeze or you have to say something off-mic.

USB Jack

The USB jack will allow you to connect the microphone directly to your computer or laptop. This is an easy way to bypass some of the unnecessary equipment that is not needed and send the recording directly to your audio software. This will speed up the process and it makes it easy to record, edit and publish your recording all at once.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high quality microphone at an affordable price, this is the perfect option for you.  The four different reception patterns allow for this guy to be used in a multitude of ways for just about any purpose one would have for a microphone and plug-and-play USB interface makes getting this mic up to speed almost instantaneous. We hope that reading our Blue Yeti review will help you in your quest to find the best microphone for your needs and increase the sound quality of your music, podcasts or any other form of media that you plan to use it on.


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